Video Editor/Videographer/Photographer


Documentaries i have directed, edited, and produced.

Dead Man's Line

2018 - Tony Kiritsis was "mad as hell and wasn't going to take it anymore." So he rigged a shotgun to his banker's neck and decided to extract personal vengeance.

Out of any film project I have worked on this is the one I am most proud of. Over five years in the making. Mark Enochs co-directs and is the writter of the movie.

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Directed, edited, written, produced and music by Alan Berry
Director and writer is  Mark Enochs
Videographer is Alan Berry on non-archival footage



A Band in a Jam

2013 - The film chronicles the struggles of Chester Brown, a jam band out of northern Indiana, as they pursue a musical career while still having to pay the bills at home.

Directed by Alan Berry and Mark Enochs
Edited and Produced by Alan Berry
Videographers were Alan Berry, Mark Enochs, Scott Enochs